9 Tips for Raising a Baby on Raw Foods

introducing solid foods to babyMy second child is just over a year old, thus I now have the experience of raising two babies on a raw/living food diet. It feels like uncharted territory in many ways, but I’ve learned a lot throughout the journey.

Germinate Seeds and Nuts

I always soak nuts and seeds in water for at least a couple hours before preparing them. This brings them into a living state and makes them easier to digest.

Practice Proper Food Combining

Following this practice allows of easier assimilation of nutrients and boosts digestions. Here’s a chart that illustrates the concept.

Blend Nuts and Seeds

Even toddlers with a mouthful of teeth probably don’t chew nuts and seeds well enough for optimum digestion. I blend nuts and seeds into pates, sometime adding in veggies.

Be Aware of Choking Hazards

Carrots, grapes and nuts are notorious for being choking hazards for babies. Exercise caution for anything larger than a pea. I shred carrots and dice blueberries for example, and let my little guy feed himself.

Green Smoothies

Smoothies are an ideal food for a baby, especially if they are made with a water base (less sugar) and contain blended leafy green veggies. I put them in a sippy cup for my son and let him slurp away.

Avoid Very Sweet Foods

I don’t give my son dehydrated fruits and other highly sweet foods, so his palate doesn’t get used to really sweet tastes. Fresh fruit are healthy in moderation.

Make Meal Times Fun

I try to avoid power struggles whenever I can and make meals fun. I don’t offer my son a meal when he is really tired or force things on him that he really doesn’t like. For example, he doesn’t like a hard plastic bib and will spend the entire meal trying to remove it.

Offer a Variety of Foods and Textures

Even if your baby seems to only like specific foods, it’s good to offer a variety. Early eating experiences are as much about learning and exploring as they are about ingesting nutrients. Some babies will take to a given food after trying it (and turning it away) numerous times.

Foster Feeding Independence

There are numerous benefits to allowing a baby to feed themselves (aka baby-led weaning). Many boast that it decreases choking, boosts fine motor skills, and encourages healthy eating habits. Although it is very messy, it can also save time. I primarily encourage my son to feed himself by giving him finger foods, putting soups and drinks in a sippy cup, and loading a spoon for him to feed himself.

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About Raw Mama

Raising little ones is an opportunity to play, discover, imagine and explore. There are precious moments along the way that I wish to share. Read about our natural parenting adventures: http://www.rawmama.org
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2 Responses to 9 Tips for Raising a Baby on Raw Foods

  1. Rebecca Kattamis says:

    At what month did you begin baby-led weaning? My daughter is nearly 4.5 months and while I’ve been leaning toward an exclusively breastfed baby until 6 months, I have to wonder if she might be ready to explore.

    • Raw Mama says:

      We waited until 6 months with both of our little ones. When we did introduce solids, they didn’t actually ingest much until they were closer to 9 or 10 months, but mostly just dabbled with food. Some of the signs of being ready are:
      -Being able to sit and hold head up unassisted
      -Showing interest in food (hard to determine if it is food or just wanting to hold things that interests them sometimes)
      -Communicating (turning head away when not interested for example)

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