2 Children’s Books that Counter Consumerism

As a parent, I find my kids bombarded by messages to consume. The marketing and packaging industries spends billions to get children to nag their parents to buy more stuff.  I was thrilled to discover these two books at our library, which counter that message.

consumerism books childrenHave Fun, Molly Lou Melon

by Patty Lovell

This book juxtaposes Molly Lou Melon, who is making fun homemade toys with a new neighbor girl who has all the latest gadgets. Molly Lou Melon demonstrates how to have fun and uses the words of wisdom her grandma passes down to her. The illustrations by David Catrow are beautiful and expressive.  

Jewish childrens' bookSomething From Nothing

by Phoebe Gilman

A loving grandfather makes a baby blanket for his grandson. It is well loved and eventually wears out. The boy goes back to his grandfather to fix the blanket. Since he can’t repair it, he makes it into a new item. The grandson goes back to him over the years for his grandfather to work his magic.

Do you have any favorite children’s books with a similar theme? I’d love to learn about more.

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One Response to 2 Children’s Books that Counter Consumerism

  1. Green Ma says:

    The Raft by Jim LaMarche is another good one for kids this age

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